Apart from room and board, Fort IV offers to its visitors a number of various attractions, such as :

A beautiful weekend in Kuiavian-Pomeranian Province

This is one of the most beautiful provinces in Poland. The bigest cities are Bydgozscz and Torun. Its a province full of green and a lot places to visit and see. The Wistula river comes across almost the whole province and creates a very ideal scenery. There are also a lot of lakes that someone can visit and have a relaxing time out of the daily routine. Almost 200km away from the capital, Warsaw and 175km from the Baltic Sea is approachable with almost every means of transportation.

More specifically

By air: There is an airport in Bydgozscz and has flights from LOT Polish Airlines and Ryanair (,

By bus: There are buses with the National company Veolia(, but unfortunately is only in Polish. An other very interesting company that makes a lot of routes within and outside Poland is PolskiBus( You may also find useful the Eurolines(

By train: Maybe this is the easiest and cheapest way to travel. There are a lot of companies in Poland in the National Railway and a very well constracted site where you can find all the routes, with fares and exact timeline. The site is

By car: If you are a fan of travelling with car you will face no problems to travel through Poland while there are roads connecting every city.

Twierdza Torun Fort IV: This is a fortification of 19th century and operates as a youth hostel. It can offer you almost everything, it has a lot of rooms to sleep, a nice restaurant to taste the traditional and international dishes, a lot of guides to guide you around and tell you about the its story. There are a lot of information in this site so the only thing you have to do is to search for what you are looking for.
Comfort at a reasonable price

This is the first thing you are going to see when you enter the portal of B&B Hotel (Bread and Breakfast- This is a very nice and beautiful hotel with very low prizes for those of you that want to join your night at Torun.

Hotel Bulwar

For those who seek the luxury combined with a wonderful view to Vistula river, with all the comforts included, this is the place you should spend your nights. (

Places to visit
Planetarium: This is the mother city of Nicolaus Copernicus so it will be a pitty if you don't visiti the Planitarium-Orbitorium at least once, when you are in Torun. It has shows every day that last almost an hour, it is very interesting and educating. You can find more information here.
Old Town Hall: This is the old town hall a building built around 13 century. Nowdays is a museum and the 40 meters high tower, which is the oldest part of the building, is the best way to take a view of the whole city in a 360 degrees view.
Ethnografic Museum: This is maybe the most interesting museum at Torun. It is the council institution of culture and it acts in the strength of museums act from the day 21st November 1996. The Museum basic task is accumulating, scientific working out, storage, protection, conservation and making goods of culture available for people. More information here.

Gingerbread Museum: is an intriguing and magical place, filled with the history of Toruń and the scent of the famous gingerbread (Pierniki), which teaches (through fun and interaction) traditional gingerbread baking, giving joy and laughter for all our visitors. It is the only real-live Gingerbread Museum in Europe - a fully functional 16th century gingerbread factory.



Nicolaus Copernicus House Museum: the museum is located in two Gothic tenement houses at 15/17 Kopernika Street.

The houses are considered to be the birthplace of the astronomer. They make a splendid Gothic complex of outstanding beauty as well as stylistic unity, especially after the conservation work. It made them possible to establish the museum of Copernicus' epoch, where visitors get acquainted with: the life and work of Copernicus, interiors of burghers' houses from the 14th to the 19th century, the look of mediaeval Toruń (the model) and gingerbread making.



More sites for travellers

Here is a list of useful sites that can help you find whatever you want








 - a sightseeing tour in the torch-light, in the company of our guide

Discover the  mysteries of the XIXth century Prussian fortress, find out what secrets are hidden in the labyrinth of the underground corridors. Move back in time to see yourself cast as a XIXth century soldier, taking the fortress…
 - an evening  sightseeing tour in the torch-light, in the company of our guide

Experience the thrill of a night walk along the corridors of the XIXth century fortress … perhaps you’ll have a chance  to see a bat, or even a ghost, looming in the distance….
Prices to agree, for children and adults
 HORSESHOE throwing
 HERCULES – arm-wrestling contest
 PRE-CHARGED PNEUMATIC (PCP)  shooting in a target range – 150 PLN per hour
 Survival contests for everyone! Do you want to challenge yourself?  Find out if you can manage to slide down on a rope, to pull your partner in the tug of war, or to climb a wall.
  Bottle-carrying contest
 The web
 Take-off-your-hat contest
Downhill slide on a rope over the moat
Downhill slide on a rope over the fort yard
Wine-tasting in our Wine Casemate
cost: 30 PLN per person, time of duration: about 1-2 hour

Liqueur-tasting in our  Wine Casemate
cost: 30 PLN per person, time of duration: about 1-2 hour